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  • Yizkorleolam
    About YizkorLeolam: YizkorLeolam is a unique-of-its-kind global SaaS platform that revolutionize the way people preserve and honor their loved-one’s memory. We have a simple and strong vision: bringing life to your loved-one memory. Leverage innovative, cutting edge technology and data, YizkorLeolam offer the world’s best platform that connect people to their loved one history bridging and keeping a strong bond between generations. About you: You will be part of a highly strategic team that will design and develop our version #2 of the platform. You will utilize your out-of-the-box (creative) thinking and expertise in customer research & product to gather insights in order to make the final adjustments for a successful launch. Are you a highly motivated, self-driven, bright, and well-rounded individual? This position is made for you. Reporting directly to the product director, this is a critically vital position in which you will be required to wear...
    Oct 11, 2020
  • BlueCallum Innovation Systems
    BlueCallom is offering the most advanced innovation management software on the market. Our customers are some of the most successful companies and as such very demanding. You will start in one of the most advanced sales organizations and learning about alternative customer engagement methods, including social sales and decision-making processes. You will be working directly with the founder's team. You will be working directly with the top of the line customers  You learn what it takes to attract new customers You will be working with us on advanced customer experience models You will help to develop a unique customer engagement strategy  You will contact some of our existing customers and contacts we already developed  No cold calling !!! You will be learning a very advanced way of social, online customer engagement, and how to develop a business where the customer has a great customer experience thanks to your engagement and support attitude. Nobody wants to be...
    Oct 10, 2020
  • Kahana LLC
    Become a subject matter expert and build your personal brand. In today's world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the various sources of information available at our disposal. Searching for, collecting, and organizing accurate and educational resources is tedious and frustrating, and the line between fact vs. opinion gets blurrier by the day. At Kahana, we are working to create a new paradigm for vetting and fact-checking the underlying truth within content that is meant to be truly educational. Our goal is to empower seamless self-education through high-quality, unique, and easily digestible repositories of information, made possible by our minimalist, split-screen workspaces.  We believe that the best information comes from people who are passionate. If you're eager to learn and hungry to make an impact, we want to work with you to create dynamic and informative content that merges your interests and expertise.  Here is an example of what you'd be...
    Oct 07, 2020
  • BlueCallum Innovation Systems
    For 6 months you will take on different roles in the finance space. You will be asked to work on disruptive financing models and create alternative ways to capitalize businesses. You will be working directly with the founders team. In that capacity you will help crafting our 2021 business and financing plan, revenue and expense projection and capital needs. Growth financing is an interesting challenge for even the best. You will have a chance to learn and build. We are a fully digital organization, everybody works from home, wherever that is. That means we are all used to "remote" and you will definitely be not working alone. You will probably meet far more people than any other internship you ever come across. We are used to work on global projects fully online. We know some of our team mates better than our friends – yet never met them face to face. You will develop skills in “digital body language”, “remote collaboration”, “digital relationship building” and more.
    Oct 03, 2020