Oct 03, 2020

Finance & Administration Intern

  • BlueCallum Innovation Systems


For 6 months you will take on different roles in the finance space. You will be asked to work on disruptive financing models and create alternative ways to capitalize businesses. You will be working directly with the founders team. In that capacity you will help crafting our 2021 business and financing plan, revenue and expense projection and capital needs. Growth financing is an interesting challenge for even the best. You will have a chance to learn and build.

We are a fully digital organization, everybody works from home, wherever that is. That means we are all used to "remote" and you will definitely be not working alone. You will probably meet far more people than any other internship you ever come across. We are used to work on global projects fully online. We know some of our team mates better than our friends – yet never met them face to face.

You will develop skills in “digital body language”, “remote collaboration”, “digital relationship building” and more.




Please share your LinkedIn profile
Familiar with EU financing rules
Flawless german, oral and in writing
Very good english, oral and in writing
Finance education foundation
Self starter and autonomous


Paid Internship

Compensation Amount

$500 per month

Hours Required/Week